ALAMOSCOUTS dot ORG Gets A New Face Lift!

ALAMOSCOUTS dot ORG is getting a completely new face lift from head to toe. We are re-doing the site so it will better serve our members and friends. One of the main functions we are excited about with the new website is it’s post and blogs. The ability for you to post a comment after reading a blog or article, we feel will enhance the Alamo Scouts rich histories experience. Also with this new site we are able to post news much much faster than we did in the past. Lance Zedric will have his own blog called, Historian’s Corner. Lance is always finding something new about the Alamo Scouts and this is a good way he will be able to share some of his great finds. Right now the the site is missing many of it’s content while we’re doing the complete re-do. Please bear with us and be patient while the process is taking place. If you have any questions or requests, please go to the Contact page of the website and shoot me a message. -Russ Blaise, ExDir


  1. Neal Gambill Lineback said:

    The Gambill family in North Carolina is seeking more information on Daily Paul Gambill who was one of the first three trainers for the newly formed Alamo Scouts. We have gathered a great deal of information about his personal life during his time in the South Pacific where he sustained a chest wound and was hospitalized in South Australia. Following his recuperation, he was selected by Gen. Krueger to become a Scout trainer. Is there anyone reading this who might have more personal or professional information about Daily. We are still having trouble even getting his war records. Help, please?

    January 29, 2016
  2. Neal Gambill Lineback said:

    Many, many thanks to Lance Zedric for some of the missing details in Daily Gambill’s Alamo Scouts record. We would still like to hear from any of his fellow Scouts who might have known him.


    February 1, 2016

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